Easily Create Playlists of Top Lastfm Tracks for Your iTunes Library

Having a large mp3 collection that’s built up over the years inevitably means that great tracks get lost like needles in a haystack.

To assist with finding tracks that used to get a lot of listen time, but have been forgotten, I wrote a ruby gem that will create playlists of top LastFM tracks based on the contents of your iTunes library.

It uses a simple prompt-driven command line interface to ask a few questions, and then heads off to query your itunes library, lastfm, and build your playlist.


  • Generate playlist of any user’s most popular tracks based on scrobbles.
  • Generate playlist of most globally popular tracks in your library for each artist.


$ gem install lastfm-itunes

Follow the prompts to generate a playlist:

$ lastfm-itunes

Creating a playlist from Artist top tracks:

Creating a playlist from Artist top tracks

Creating a playlist from User top tracks:

Creating a playlist from User top tracks

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